Triflow Quadro System

triflow quadro system



  • Delivering filtered cold & hot water heated to 98℃
  • Soft-touch electronic split button
  • Dedicated waterway within a single spout to avoid cross-contamination
  • Heater Tank with Integrated Triflow Filtration System and Intelligent control panel
  • High performance Swiss-made ceramic filter cartridge

How does the Triflow Quadro dispense filtered hot water?

Controlled using an electronic split button specifically designed for Triflow Concepts System.

When the system is in Stand-by mode, the button will illuminate: RED on the left side (hot filtered water) and GREEN on the right side (cold filtered water).

To dispense hot filtered water press the left side of the button for two seconds – RED LED indicator – this will deactivate the safety mechanism. The RED indicator will then begin to flash. Within two seconds, re-press and hold the button to dispense hot water heated to 98°C. Release to stop the flow.

If a top-up is required, re-press the button within two seconds. Two seconds after dispensing, the system will return to standby.

PLEASE NOTE: Like with any other tap, great care should be taken when switching from Hot to Cold. Our Filtered Hot water supply is heated to 98°C, between 30°C-40°C hotter than an average tap.

What is the Triflow Quadro System?

The Triflow Quadro System is the world’s first system delivering not only hot and cold water but filtered hot and cold water through a dedicated waterway from the same spout, to avoid cross-contamination.

Mains water goes through the Triflow Filtration System before it is heated in our new heater tank system, delivering hot, filtered water on demand for tea, coffee, or blanching vegetables. Triflow Quadro System incorporate the highest quality, Swiss-made ceramic filter cartridges. This system substantially reduces harmful chemical and biological contaminants, while leaving beneficial minerals such as fluoride, magnesium and calcium untouched. This point-of-use system eliminate the need for bottled water or a kettle.

The Triflow Quadro System is available in either a mechanical, thee-lever version, or an electronically controlled version using a split button. Although caution has to be taken with any device that supplies hot water, whether it is a kettle or a hot water tap, each Triflow Quadro System remains cool to the touch and incorporates a safety feature to minimize the risk of scalding.

Heater tank in Triflow Quadro System


  • Electronic housing incorporated within the heater tank
  • High performance Swiss-made ceramic filter cartridge removes all impurities down to 0.2 microns, affording the benefit of both hot and cold filtered water
  • Convenience of hot water heated to 98˚C on demand
  • Ceramic filter cartridge is easy to change — no tools required and no need to open the main unit
  • Integrated electronic water conditioner ionises the calcium carbonate molecules in the water thus reducing limescale build up
  • Heater tank has added safety feature of being a non-pressurised system
  • Intelligent LED control panel monitors filter cartridge performance and life span, indicating when it requires replacement


  • Double interlock on the filter housing
  • Water heater over temperature safety cut-out
  • Pressure reducing valve
  • Pump safety stop to prevent dry running
  • Dry start and boil dry prevention
  • In-built safety feature avoids the accidental dispensing of boiled filtered water
  • Ambient demand overrides boiling demand if both are requested simultaneously
  • Buttons are able to distinguish between cleaning and demand