FILTER TESTING & ACCREDITATIONSFor your reassurance, every piece of Triflow Concepts Ltd brassware is engineered from approved materials to exacting standards and hand-assembled within an ISO 9001:2008 accredited, quality assured environment (TCL Manufacturing Ltd). Recognised all over the world for its stringent, detailed standards and attention to processes, ISO 9001:2008 approval is a true mark of international quality.

Triflow Concepts believes in upholding the international standards required wherever its products are sold.

In the UK the following Triflow Systems products are tested, certified and listed by KIWA. They ensure that tested products meet with the requirements of current UK legislation. The principle guidelines can be found in the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 in England and Wales, the Water Bylaws 2000, Scotland and the Water Regulations in Northern Ireland. These approved products are listed in KIWA’s Water Regulations Approved Products On-line Directory.

Product Name KIWA Approved
Churchill U Spout  
Churchill C Spout  
Churchill C Spout with Rinse  
Churchill U Spout with Rinse  
Quadro – Churchill Y
Darwin Y
Quadro – Darwin Y
Newton C Spout  
Newton U Spout  
Newton U Spout with Rinse  
Newton C Spout with Rinse  
Portobello Y
Quadro – Portobello Y
Whitehall C Spout  
Whitehall U Spout  
Whitehall C Spout with Rinse  
Whitehall U Spout with Rinse  
Quadro – Sml diameter widespread Y
Quadro – Lrg diameter widespread Y
Electronic widespread Y
Quadro – Electronic widespread Y
Quadro – ‘Hammer’ single lever Y