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The TRX160 (Hi-Flow Matrix) is a push fit, solid carbon block filter cartridge.

The solid carbon block filter does not have the ceramic outer shell found on other Triflow filters but has a higher capacity to filter out organic substances. It is therefore ideal for applications where microbiological quality is not considered to be a threat but high organics, heavy metals or taste and odour problems are foremost.


- 1 micron outer surface to remove large particles
- Improves water taste and colour
- Reduces heavy materials including lead
- Operates at pressures as low as 0.7 bar


The TRX160 solid carbon block push fit filter cartridge is particularly suited for applications where there are:

- Specific concerns about heavy metals (e.g. lead).
- High capacity requirement for chlorine taste & odour reduction.
- Low local water supply pressure.
- Concerns about organic levels causing taste & odour.
- High level of suspended solids in local water supply.

The Triflow®160 filter has the capability to remove/reduce:

- Chlorine
- Organics
- Taste
- Odour
- Colour
- Heavy Metals (including lead)

Triflow TRX160 Push Fit Filter Cartridge

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