To celebrate its 30th anniversary Triflow Concepts Limited commissioned Pritzker award-winning architect Zaha Hadid to design two new Triflow models. The outcome has been nothing short of spectacular.

Zaha Hadid
The Triflow System by Zaha Hadid exhibits a marriage of unbridled creativity with impeccable quality, peerless engineering and exacting attention to detail. Inspired by the movement of water, the designs are a formal expression of the continuous flow of liquid – merging tap spout, body and handle into one seamless trajectory of curvilinear geometries.

Concealed behind the fluid Zaha Hadid design is a highly sophisticated manufacturing process, unique to the UK, and previously never utilized in the creation of a tap. The revolutionary shape requires advanced methods of production and an innovative ceramic coring process; the result is a tap that is as much a bespoke work of art as it is a kitchen or bathroom appliance. Both models are available in Triflow Electronic and Triflow Quadro System.

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Dezeen Article
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The High Model is instantly recognisable as the most recent evolution of Hadid’s design language. Organic and surprising, the sculptural sensibility of the tap’s fluid form makes the bold and elegant gesture of a signature piece.
Available in: Chrome, Nickel
Triflow Electronic (TF-KT1808)design
Design collection TriflowLOW MODEL
The Low Model cuts a softer form than Zaha Hadid's design for the High Model, yet retains the coherent formal language of the set. Echoing the fluid, spiralling form of the High tap, it is an equally strong statement of luxury.

Available in: Chrome, Nickel
Triflow Electronic (TF-KT1708)


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