We have always prided ourselves on offering a quality service to our customers, and believe our Triflow Concepts filters allow us to truly give our customers the best filtered drinking water possible. The table below shows how our two filters compare, and below, we explain what each part of the table represents.




Micron Filter Level
This is a measurement of how small a particle has to be in order to get through the filter and into your glass. Bacteria range in size from 0.2 to 2 microns diameter and 1 to 10 microns in length. This is much smaller than what the human eye is capable of seeing, human can't see anything smaller then 40 microns in size.

Contains Activated Carbon
Carbon is used in filtration systems to capture pollutants. Activated carbon is a form of carbon treated to have a huge surface area for its volume. A process called adsorption traps the pollutants in the pores of the carbon substrate. It is used to remove chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds, and unwanted taste and odour from the water.

Heavy Metal Reduction Media
Reduces the concentration of metals such as lead.

Bacteria Removal
Water is the ideal place for many dangerous bacteria such as e-coli, salmonella and cholera to multiply. A filter needs to be able to remove particles between 0.2 and 5 microns in size from the water to remove these kinds of bacteria. This figure indicates the percentage of bacteria removed from a sample by the filter.

Silver Impregnated To Stop Bacteria Growth
Silver has natural anti-bacterial properties and can be incorporated into the structure of the filter to avoid bacteria reproducing.

Virus Removal
Viruses are organisms even smaller than bacteria ranging from 0.02 to 0.2 microns in size. They can be transmitted through contaminated water but require a living host to survive. This figure indicates whether or not the filter is able to remove viruses.

Free Chlorine Removal
Chlorine is added to water as a disinfectant but adds an unpleasant taste. This figure indicates how much chlorine is removed.

Lead Reduction
Lead is a toxic heavy metal that can get into water through ground contamination or old lead pipework. This indicates what percentage of lead contamination is removed by the filter.

Advertised Lifespan
How often you need to replace the filter cartridge.

Reduces Limescale
Hard water has a larger concentration of calcium and magnesium salts which can evaporate, leaving the white, flaky residue known as limescale. This indicates whether the filter can remove the salts responsible.

Flushing Time After Install
The first few litres of water run through a new cartridge can be contaminated from the manufacturing process. This figure indicates the time or volume of water needed before the filtered water is ready for human consumption.

Filter Caps Available
Indicates the availability of filter caps and the type available.

Advertised Capacity
As the filter cartridge removes impurities it will wear out. The advertised capacity indicates the number of litres of water it can filter before it requires replacement.

Advertised Min. Working Pressure
Water pressure is a measure of the force required to push the water through the pipes and filter.

If you’d like to try Triflow Concepts filters in your property, then simply get in touch by calling 0800 999 3959, and we’ll be happy to help you decide which is best for you.

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