free plasticGlastonbury announced they had gone plastic free! David Attenborough took to the Pyramid stage to thank the festival goers for cutting their plastic use. Attributing the use of refillable water bottles at the festival had meant use of millions of plastic bottles had been avoided. 

This is the first festival to make the major a leap forward in the battle against single use plastics. Especially banning the sale on site of any single use plastic bottles. On the official website they included the following in the Glastonbury Oath 

“I will use the recycling bins correctly and not drop litter on the ground”, as well as “I will bag up my rubbish in the bin bag”.

However it soon became apparent (once the festival goers had gone home) the festival still had a long way to go before it could become 100% ‘Plastic Free’. Festival goers were still able to bring single use plastics into the festival. It has been predicted to take up to six weeks with  over a thousand volunteers, for Worthy Farm to clear up the rubbish left over: shopping bags, bottles, tents, camping chairs ect. 

Although the festival hasn’t managed a complete Plastic Ban, they have made huge improvements since the previous festival in 2017. Where more than a million plastic bottles were sold at the festival! 

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