World’s first plastic-free supermarket aisle opens in Holland

Plastic Planet


Campaign group ‘A Plastic Planet’  has successfully worked with supermarket chain Ekoplaza to become the first supermarket to open a completely plastic-free aisle in their supermarket in Amsterdam. Ekoplaza now plans to roll this out across all 74 of the supermarkets in their chain.

Theresa May has publicly supported the idea and urged supermarkets in the UK to follow suit. A Plastic Planet (APP) co-founders, Frederikke Magnussen and Siân Sutherland are currently working with Waitress, Marks and Spencer and Iceland on similar pilot projects. Iceland has also committed to eliminate all plastic from their own brand products by 2023. 

APP is working to both raise awareness generally, and is also specifically working with businesses to investigate alternative types of packaging to use which are plastic free. This includes looking at increasing use of aluminium, glass and other completely recyclable materials, as well as looking at alternative types of material that nature can handles, such as plant based ones including bamboo, paper, sugarcane and grass paper.

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