Why Say No To Bottled Water

Triflow Concepts are encouraging everyone to join the Back to Tap campaign. It seems such an easy choice: tap water is cheaper and often cleaner. Yet, since bottled water was made to look trendy in the 1980’s, many people have become used to buying it. So many people, that we are now buying more than a million bottles a minute. There are numerous environmental concerns with bottled water: Single-use plastic bottles cannot be broken down and stay on earth and in our oceans for hundreds of years, where they get eaten by fish and end up on our plates. The production of bottled water consumes energy, pollutes the environment, and contributes to global warming.

Producing plastic bottles uses a lot of energy and emits toxic chemicals which cycle back to pollute our drinking water. Transporting bottled water thousands of kilometres across the earth releases dangerous amounts of carbon dioxide into the air, hindering our efforts to combat climate change. Besides the negative impact on the environment, the bottling of water also has social implications such as local inaccessibility to water. According to the WHO 2.1 billion people lack access to safe, readily available water at home. In commodifying water, bottling corporations limit access for locals to an essential resource that should always be public.

Although many local water authorities put in extreme effort and expense to produce water that is fit for human consumption, they can unfortunately not guarantee the condition of the pipes that deliver the water to the end user. In many locations these old pipes harbour contaminants which are released into our water. With a Triflow tap you can ensure your tap water is always of the highest standard. Going back to tap is a simple and effective way to consume clean water as well as as reduce our carbon footprint and return to a more ethical use of our earth’s precious resource.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to think of our future, it is time to go Back to Tap. Join us here...

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