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Water is vital for life, and ensuring that you get an adequate daily intake is important for everyday health and well-being. Approximately 5 pints of water enter the stomach every day in the form of drinks and food. Of that 4 pints pass into the bloodstream through the small intestine. That is 80% of the water we consume being retained for use in essential body functions. In the same way that “you are what you eat,” it is also true that “you are what you drink”. With that in mind, we hope that everyone will do the right thing and choose filtered water.


Did you know that 71% of the world’s surface is water? So there must be more than enough to go around, right? Well, the real answer is no. Seawater is brackish and too high in solids to be consumed. Only 2% of the world’s water is fresh. Half of that is under ice caps. That leaves us with just 1% to meet the drinking needs of a growing world population. Although bottled water might seem the obvious answer, when you take into account the fact that 3 litres of water are required to produce one litre of bottled water, reaching for the bottle seems to make much less sense. To put that into perspective, 200 billion litres of bottled water are being consumed every year. This brings us to the important question about how we should treat this valuable resource. Is water a commodity to be put on the open market for sale like running shoes and soft drinks? Or is it a human right that belongs to everyone as part of our collective human heritage?


In 1992 Triflow introduced an advanced point-of-use water filtration system to meet a vital need – fresh, filtered water at the turn of your tap. At Triflow Concepts, we are proud of the ideology behind our products, so in 2010 we launched the Back to Tap campaign. The aim has been to encourage consumers to stop buying bottled water and return to drinking refined tap water as a healthier and, at 3p a litre, more economical alternative.

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