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Our Back to Tap campaign aims to encourage consumers to forego costly and environmentally harmful bottled water and return to drinking tap water. High consumer demand for bottled water has had a heavy and unnecessary impact on our environment in recent years. Some bottles travel as far as 10,000 miles by plane, ship and lorry before they reach our supermarket shelves, often originating from impoverished areas where ironically the local communities lack access to clean and safe water.

By taking the small and simple step to go Back to Tap , we can all reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to putting a stop to this “environmental madness” (Tony Juniper, Friends of The Earth).

Plastic water bottles take 1000 years to biodegrade, and as they do, they can leach toxic chemicals into the groundwater, thus affecting our future water supplies


To Increase Awareness

Bottled water is an environmental menace. The energy required to produce and transport millions of bottles of this free, natural resource around the world is causing irreparable damage to our planet. This campaign seeks to highlight the negative and unnecessary impact bottled water has on our environment.

To Change Perceptions

Drinking bottled water is no safer for you than drinking tap water. Up to 40% of bottled water comes from the same source as tap water; however, tap water adheres to much stricter regulations. Through the Back to Tap campaign, we aim to change the consumer perception that bottled water is luxurious and lifestyle-enhancing; exposing it as the wasteful and ecologically unsustainable product it really is.

To Encourage a Change in Behaviour

Through informing and educating consumers about the negative environmental and financial effects of drinking bottled water, this campaign seeks to persuade consumers to choose tap water over bottled wherever possible.

If you want to go Back to Tap Join our campaign and receive a complimentary Triflask.

* One complimentary Triflask per household with a verified email and delivery address. Delivery to UK mainland customers only.
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